Battleship is a strategy board game featuring a hexagonal board and two players with 5 ships each. The objective of the game is to destroy all of your opponents ships and find your officer that is being held captive on an island.

Gameplay Edit

Players take turns guessing the coordinates of their opponent's ships (On green). Coordinates are determined by the number on that space and the letter at the top of the column. If your opponent hits one of your ships, you must say "Hit", if they sink one of your ships, you must say "You sunk my [Name of ship]", and if they miss completely, you simply say "Miss". Once all of your opponents ships have been destroyed, you must search island hexagons for your officer that is being held captive.

Setup Edit

Players place their ships anywhere on blue, and their opponent's captured officer on any island on the blue side of the board (Separated from green by a yellow line).

Pieces Edit

Each player will start with one of each of the listed pieces to place on their side of the board: Aircraft Carrier: rhombus shaped, takes up 5 spaces; Weapons Platform: triangle shaped, takes up 3 spaces; Battleship: line shaped, takes up 4 spaces; Submarine: line shaped, takes up 3 spaces; Patrol Boat: line shaped, takes up 2 spaces; and Captive Officer: can only be placed on an island, takes up 1 space.

Strategy Edit

Overall strategy in Battleship involves:

  • Placing one's pieces initially so that their opponent would not easily find them
  • Guessing where your opponent's pieces might be hidden
  • Guessing spaces logically distanced from each other
  • Tricking your opponent in various ways by initial placement of ships

A lot of the strategy in Battleship has to do with the initial placement of the ships; for instance, if you place multiple ships right next to each other, it has increased risk, but may be able to fool your opponent.